Task Creation

Whether in real life or in ForeSource, everything in your schedule revolves around Tasks. A task is something to do at a particular time. A Task wants to know "When do I start?" That is the primary question ForeSource answers. It lets you know when tasks can or should start, which results in a predictable schedule.


Schedule Efficiency. This is the primary benefit of the ForeSource application and the goal of every manager. By declaring all of your important tasks, nothing slips through the cracks, and everything is accounted for.

100% Accountability. Each task has a list of information, about who it belongs to, who gets notified upon changes, and how that task may move within the schedule when conflicts are found. Therefore, no task entered can go without explanation.

Tasks are intelligent. As we'll see with other features, through Dependencies your tasks will 'know' how they should behave when other elements of that task is dependent upon change.

No ambiguity. Due to how ForeSource collects information, stores it, and uses it, there is no ambiguity, and no other way to interpret the information. The schedule shows you clearly what works and what doesn't, leaving room for no confusion.

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