Task Overview

How do I – Add Dependencies to my Task?

From the schedule view, select the task you want to add a dependency to.  From the flyout menu, select “Dependencies”.  This will take you to a new tab on the Dependency form.  You will be able to see all existing dependencies for your task in the tab bar at the top of the form.  If…

How Do I – Add Task to my Schedule or Project?

To add a new task from the schedule view, select the parent you want the task to belong to.  From the flyout menu, select ‘Add Child”.  You will be taken to a new tab on the Task Form. If you are already on the task form, you can add more tasks to the selected parent…

How to – Export to a CSV file

You can export the entire schedule, or just a portion of it to a csv file.  From the dropdown menu, select ‘Export to CSV’.  You can select all tasks or, if you have a task selected, you can select that task to get the subtree below that task.  You can filter tasks by type, owner,…

How to – Create a project from the schedule

You can create a project from the entire schedule or just a portion of it. To make a copy of the entire schedule as a project, open the dropdown menu on the schedule page.  Select ‘Save as Project’. To save a subtree as a schedule, select the parent task.  From the flyout menu, select ‘Edit…

How to – Submit a schedule change

When you have made a change to the schedule, you will be able to submit those changes.  At the bottom of the schedule, you will see a n option to submit.  Selecting this option will overwrite the current schedule with the schedule you are working on.

How to – Import a project to my schedule

You can add projects from your project directory to your schedule or into another project.  Select the task you would like to be the parent of your project.  Open the flyout menu and select ‘Edit Subtree’ then import.  You will be asked to select what you would like to import.  When you select the project,…

How to – paste a subtree

Select the task you would like to be the parent of the subtree you are pasting. Open the flyout menu and select ‘Edit Subtree’, then select ‘Paste’. You will be asked to decide when you would like the subtree to happen. Align With Parent Start – This option will set the start date of the…

How to – copy a subtree

From the flyout menu, select ‘Edit Subtree’, then select ‘Copy’. This will put a copy of the task and all its descendants on the clipboard for use elsewhere in the schedule or in another project. When copying a subtree, all dependencies on tasks within the subtree will be included in the copy. Any dependencies that…

What is a subtree

ForeSource arranges tasks in a family structure. Just like a family tree, a parent task can have many generations of descendants. A subtree is the parent task and all of its descendant tasks.

Schedule Management

What is the difference between an ordering dependency and an anchoring dependency

ForeSource supports two types of dependencies. Ordering dependencies link tasks together. Anchoring dependencies link tasks to calendar dates. Anchoring dependencies are also called constraints

Can I add more than one dependency to a task

You can add multiple dependencies to a task by selecting the ‘+’ icon on the dependency form tab bar. Be careful not to over constrain your task by adding multiple rigid dependencies. For more information checkout “Tips for Making Good Dependencies’

What is the priority of a dependency

A dependency can be required or preferred. ForeSource will force the required dependencies, if it cannot accommodate a required dependency, a conflict will be generated. ForeSource will attempt to accommodate a preferred dependency, if it cannot, the task will not be moved and no conflict will be generated.

What is a dependency

A dependency is the logic that controls when a task can occur.  For more information, check out the article on dependencies (link)

How to – Add a dependency to a task

You can add or edit dependencies by selecting ‘Dependencies’ from the flyout menu or from the task form.  When the dependency form opens, you will see all the dependencies for the task.  If there are no existing dependencies, a new form will be opened.  You can add additional dependencies to the task from the dependency…

Dependency Overview

Task Overview

How to – Edit a Task

From the flyout menu, select ‘Edit Task’.  The task form will open and you can make changes to the task properties.

How to – Delete a task from the schedule

From the flyout menu, select ‘Edit Subtree’ and select delete.  If the task has children, you will be asked if you want to delete the task or subtree.  If you delete the task, all the children will be reparented to the deleted task’s parent.  Selecting subtree will delete the task and all its descendents.

How to – Change the owner of a task

From the task form, tap the owner field.  You can select any other ForeSource user in your organization to become the new task owner

Why can’t I unfollow a task

If you are the owner of the task, you cannot unfollow the task.

How to – Follow/Unfollow a task

From the task form, you can choose to follow or unfollow a task by pressing the bell icon in the upper right.  If the icon is blue, you are following the task.

What is a task type

Task types are a way to group tasks that share a similar characteristic.  Types are defined by the user and can be created or updated at any time.  Types can represent functional responsibility (eg permitting, purchasing) or milestones (eg inspection).

How to – Create a task type

In the search bar on the task type list, begin typing the name of the task.  The list will filter for matches.  If you do not find the task you are looking for, press the ‘+’ icon on the search bar.  When the task form opens, you can choose the color for the task type.

Why can’t I change the dates for a parent task

Parent task dates and durations are controlled by their children.  The start date is the earliest start date of its children and the end date is the end date of its latest child.  To adjust the dates of the parent, you have to adjust the dates of the children.

How to – Change the date for a task?

From the task form, select the date field.  The date range dialog will open.  You can select a new start date from the calendar.  You can adjust the end date by adjusting the duration, the percent compete, or selecting a new date on the calendar.

What is the difference between a parent task and child task?

ForeSource groups tasks using a parent/child relationship.  Every task has a parent.  As you break down your project down according to the work to be done, you add those tasks as children.

How to – Create a task

Tasks are always created as a child of another task. Starting with the parent for the task you want to create: Double click the task on the schedule to open the flyout menu Select ‘Add Child’ and the task form will open A new tab will be opened to create the new task The tab…