Release Notes 1/13/22

Mobile Versions Available
Mobile versions of ForeSource are now available on the Apple Store and on Google Play. The mobile
apps are fully functional versions of ForeSource and allow you to access, update, and create your
schedule wherever you are.

See Your Tasks on the Dashboard
We have added a new section to the dashboard called ‘My Tasks’. Now you can see tasks you own on
the schedule on the dashboard. We will be adding more functionality soon.

Create Tags for Tasks
Now you can create additional data fields for tasks. We call them tags. These tags consist of a label and
a value. Labels can be assigned to any task and are common to the schedule and projects. You can use
tags to store additional information for tasks.

Improved Filtering for Export
We have improved the filter options when exporting data to a csv. Filters now include the ability to
select multiple owners and task types. The csv file also includes any tags that are available for the
exported tasks.

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