How It Works

With ForeSource it is all about forecasting resources. This product was forged with the wisdom of respected names in the oil and gas industry.  This is a product developed by resource managers for resource managers. ForeSource is in stark contrast to other solutions that aim to have a team of developers satisfy a list of needs. The ForeSource approach embraces the nuisances and caveats that real managers face.

Although created from the perspective of oil and gas development, ForeSource was created around the core ideas of phase-based scheduling, and is not boxed into any one industry. Any industry, business or process that has phases, or critical paths to completion, can be easily managed by the ForeSource application.


  • Create development schedule for Company, Division, Area, Project or whatever fits your organizational needs
  • Create detailed schedules for every phase of well construction
  • Link phases together to adjust start dates relative to associated activities
  • Account for critical lease, regulatory, and contractual dates
  • Create multiple scenarios for comparison

Resource Management

  • Associate multiple resources to scheduled tasks
  • View work schedule by resource
  • Forecast material needs based on scheduled tasks
  • Identify resource and supplier bottlenecks


  • Build production profiles by well type
  • Associate production profile with scheduled activities
  • View Schedule specific production forecast
  • Compare budgeted forecast with current activity schedule
  • View capital outflow based on activity schedule
  • Compare capital flow between scenarios


  • Fully functional mobile application
  • Allow those closest to the operation duration and timing of projects
  • Notifications customized by user to inform those that need to know of changes

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