Dynamic Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a graph that shows tasks in time. We choose the Gantt charge layout since that is what ForeSource likes to do, showing tasks and their dependencies in real time. This layout easily reveals overlapping tasks or other conflicts. A real-time updating dynamic Gantt chart becomes your go-to area to see at a glance your entire schedule!


See ALL Tasks adjust in real-time. Yes, the entire schedule will adjust to any changes entered. The effects of that change will be determined by the Dependencies declared. ForeSource produces as a by-product what everyone else is trying to accomplish with spreadsheets.

You can clearly see the dependencies that connect tasks. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are subtle lines that connect tasks on the Gnatt chart. These lines are Dependencies and equal rules on how to move or influence the connected Tasks.

A Gantt chart clearly reveals conflicts or overlaps in schedules. ForeSource has several ways of solving or resolving a schedule. You can use its built-in schedule resolution features, or you can take more explicit control over how the schedule ends up.

You can have copies of schedules and play with your own. ForeSource was built to be a collaborative tool. Allowing others to safely explore a copy of the master schedule gives decision-makers immediate input across organizational levels.

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