Dependency Creation

Dependencies are how you inform your tasks to relate to each other. The ForeSource application offers an intuitive form to fill out that allows you to connect certain tasks in various ways. This is what gives ForeSource the power to forecast the future from a change entered today.


ForeSource allows you to connect tasks to each other in multiple ways, including multiple dependencies to the same task. You may also constrain a dependency to a specific date range.

Automatically moves other tasks. For example: If Task B can only start after Task A is complete, and Task A is delayed, then Task B will get pushed into the future.

Connect tasks in complex ways. Perhaps Task B and Task C can be done independently but both cannot start until Task A is complete. Dependencies create this and many more complex workflows.

Tell the future. From weather to profit margins, let's face it, we are all just trying to tell the future. This is what ForeSource was built for, to give the most accurate forecast today for a predictable tomorrow.

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